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Family Law

We help clients navigate many family law and domestic matters. We counsel clients on the differences and strategies between legal options so that they may make informed decisions.

Divorce is one area of law that everyone seems to "think" they know something about and, often, clients come to us with unfounded fears of destitution and hopelessness because of something a friend or soon-to-be ex-spouse told them.  We can help separate fact from fiction.

When a future ex tells you their lawyer told them you will not get anything, never take their word for it. It just does not happen when you have your own Kansas City divorce attorney who actually knows the law.

If your fiancé has asked you to sign a prenup, we can help you understand the consequences and advise you about how a prenup does not have to be a bad thing. The only "bad prenup" is probably the one-sided, sell-your-soul prenup your fiancé's attorney provided him or her without explanation. In fact, in the hands of the right attorney, a prenup can actually provide desirable protections for both individuals after identifying the true interests of the parties involved.