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Consumer Law

When consumer transactions go wrong, customers are often left feeling vulnerable, manipulated, and/or taken advantage of. A Kansas City consumer law attorney can help determine if you have a remedy. If you feel that you are the victim of a transaction gone wrong, you may not have much time to act to protect your rights.  Deadlines in some situations can be mere days.

Some areas of consumer law include:
  • Breach of Express Warranty
  • Breach of Implied Warranty for 
  • Breach of Implied warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose
  • Breach of Implied Warranty of Merchantability for Products
  • Breach of Implied Warranty of Workmanlike Quality for Services
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Violations
  • Fraudulent Repair
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Violations
  • New Motor Vehicle Warranties, Nonconformity (Lemon Law)
  • Price Discrimination 
  • Product Misrepresentation
  • Used Vehicle Condition Misrepresentation
  • Vehicle Title Fraud