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Estate Planning

Some of the estate planning services offered by The Ridlen Law Firm, LLC, include:
  • Creating and implementing a strategic asset protection plan to minimize personal liability from creditors
  • Creating a will and/or trust to apportion your property and assets to enable you to avoid the costly probate process
  • Coordinating property transfers and gifts during your lifetime with bequests in your will or trust to minimize tax burdens on your heirs.
  • Creating a living trust or guardianship to provide a way to manage your property and assets should you become unable to do so
  • Preparing a living will or health-care advance directive to inform family and medical personnel of your desires if you become unable to do so
  • Coordinating estate planning with other business and financial planning such as selling, transferring, or restructuring a family business

Andrea Ridlen is the proud recipient of
The 2010  Kansas City Estate Planning
Symposium Prize for her paper
titled Keeping It In The Family:
The Obstacles To Transferring
Property At Death To
Children Of First